Sanibel Dance

             3591 Hoffman Rd Gem Lake, MN 55110

Congratulations to our Competition Team DancersJenna, Megan, Emma, Morghan, Holly & Cosetteon a fabulous competition weekend. We are so proud of each of these girls, and all the work they put into becoming a TEAM!!! 

Adult Classes/ Zumba

Sanibel Dance offers Adult Tap, Jazz, and Ballet classes. We also offer adult Zumba.

Recreation Dance

Our recreation dance classes ​are held in the White Bear Lake Area and are for children 18 months and above. Recreation classes are designed to accommodate students of varying experience and abilities in ballet classes, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, musical theatre, & Zumba.  

“We love Sanibel Dance"

"My daughter absolutely loves dancing here! Thank you for making wonderful memories for her and teaching her to dance." - Jessica L.

"So happy we found Sanibel Dance Center!!! Amber is so wonderful with the kids!!!" - Susie B.


​October 19th & 20th​
October 31st (after noon, closed)
November 22nd-24th
December 18th-31st 
January 1st & 2nd
February 19th & 20th
March 28th-30th
April 2nd

  • Ballet - Lyrical
  • Tap - Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Musical THEATRE 
  • Adult classes
  • zumba adults - Zumba Kids
  • Competition lines

Professional group photographs displayed on are the wonderful work of Kirsten and David Grupa from Grupa Sports.  Find them at :

SANIBEL DANCE Competition    

 White Bear Lake, MN

Competition lines  

 Children in 3rd grade or above must audition to be on a competition line. K-2 are welcome to join without auditioning.  Try-outs will be held in August 2017